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Weekly writing classes for elementary school students, held by Envision Conservatory for the Humanities students!
Our goal at Little Writers is to foster a love for writing in all its forms and to let little writers go above and beyond.

Creative and academic writing topics--not limited to just writing.

30 minutes of class time: big topics broken down into small parts suitable for 3rd graders.

Student response questions during class. Give students a chance to write and think about the material. Mentors have conversations about responses with the class.

Little Writers started as a library program, with volunteers from around the Carmel Valley area. However, as libraries are closed due to COVID-19, we’re moving classes online! Our organization is now composed of a combination of volunteers and gifted writers from Canyon Crest Academy’s Envision Conservatory of the Humanities, which provides instruction in research and the study of the humanities, including writing.

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